Hi! This page is about us and our favourites.


   All of us were born in miscellaneous time, but in one place - in Moscow, where we live together, here and we work and, sometimes, we rest.
    My husband - Ivan, formation maximum technical - bears on itself burden under the contents and maintenance behind our large friend -PC, together with other friends - TV etc. Also, he awakely helps me, technically speaking, to create and to contain this site, since it enters in a circle of his professional knowledge, and also is him entrainment. Still, he renders to me the invaluable help and goes for a walk from one of our dogs -Baccara. But most important of his responsibilities is to work and to contain all our large monogynopaedium. So that, for the husband of business suffices and on activity and house.

My name Is Оlga. I, certainly, carry not such burden of cares, as my husband, but business and for me suffices. I'm bound, including, - the contents, feeding, walks, temper rolling, education, exhibiting on the exhibitions, opening-up for the exhibitions... (and all in this kind) dogs, purchasing a food stuff for all of us, their cooking, cleaning etc., and also - solution all household and not only problems. Creation and design Home page about my dogs. In common, 24 hours in day do not suffice. But it not most terrible. Main to be engaged in what to like. We with the husband, in common, like that than each of us is engaged. About dogs to say it I can not.

Our high dog (1995-2005), boxer, bitch, red, is Zattel (Berta). The cleverest entity (on age is necessary), kindest throttle. Likes to play with me or with the husband. Madly likes children. Perceives all from a half-view, and also, in combination, is the leader for all remaining dogs. In childhood and youth was very disobedient, obstinate and parasitic, has spoilt not read out quantity of things, footwear and furniture. Now, by keeping an ardour and concern to a surrounding world, is surprising compliant, that me pleases incredibly. Has passed a course of a temper rolling on protection and obedience.

Our second dog (1997-2011)., boxer, bitch brindle, is Polinon a surname Sweetheard. She the daughter of Berta from a first marriage. She is more than all likes the native mother and receiving mother (me), the surname justifies completely and is ours common with the husband favourite. To her say goodbye almost all prank, since she large toady and, if I begin someone to abuse from dogs, she here approaches and starts to embrace me by paws, doing thus a guilty muzzle and attempts to comfort, attempting to get on my arms. From birth very much is compliant, on a step did not head out from mum's skirts. But very much liked, on - youth, hang on curtains, strip them and to tear, and also, respected to remove wall-paper by the whole seams from walls. Now - the thunderstorm of all neighboring aggressive dogs, as, has appeared vindictive dog. And abhors the aggressors, and also those who on them is similar from apart. Therefore, house she as a grapnel, and in the outdoors - terrible beast. Has passed a course of a temper rolling on protection and obedience.

Our third dog (b.1999)., boxer, red bitch, is Adrianna (Lucky), the daughter of Berta from the third marriage. This child has appeared in our house of second time, after her sale, yes and has remained for pleasure to the daddy (?) With the mum (!). She is not similar at all on nature on Berta. Is very wilful, but is fine performing dog, is extremely temperamental, but thus easily is subject to commands. Very much likes to visit IPO, specially section C (protection) , and also, to be on display on the exhibitions, that there her very much praise and give most favourite ball. In the house keeps apart from other dogs, not liking, specially, anybody from them. In the outdoors there is one problem - game with balls and toys. Has passed a course of IPO-1.

Our fourth boxer, red bitch, is Dilayla (Layla), the daughter of Adrianna from the ferst marriage. Very lovely gorl, was born in 2002, it is one more true at heart and to a mark of the zodiac "virgin" in our house. Her distinctive feature - the uttermost imitation of mother in all is absolute, from all adult dogs Layla has chosen for itself one authority - mother. So, it she - a clone at heart and to behaviour. Has special talents to training. And it is surprising, what even in the childhood with her very easily it was possible to agree. To tell the truth, now she has grown and became too anxious with protection of the house and members of household, the car and everything, that is in it. And leaving on street, she proud and confidently goes with such kind as though has left not on walk, and for work on capture of enemies. For any not clear reason does not love people in the form. At all does not like another's in her territory. It is atypical for my dogs who are very much pleased to visitors. Everything, except for Layla. She swears and literally from the childhood tries to expel the visitor from a house or from the car. And her you will not persuade neither games nor meal. She will play (can be), and then again will begin all with the beginning. For this reason to my car in any way it is impossible to sit to the person unfamiliar to her. It will be simple she to bark and all. But it will not seem a little. By the way, before her occurrence, we were happy, that our boxers such taciturn persons - on each rustle do not bark and in general noise from them a little. Now to our silent happiness the end has come. Now we have very talkative boxer who in general likes to talk and if there is an occasion simply very loudly talks. Has passed a course of IPO-1.

Our fifth boxer, red bitch is Kleoparta (Klo), , was born in 2003, is daughter of Adrianna from second marriage. She atypical "shot" on a mark of the Zodiac. We did not plan her to leave, but she somehow too itself has decided for us and to give up to such strange tender and lovely child it was impossible. First I have noticed, that Ivan of her periodically during my absence somehow unostentatiously took to play, like as, and then she and has for ever moved to our dogs. It is necessary to tell, that the girl appeared not a miss - all absolutely adult dogs holds in severity. Reaches that grown-ups literally to be afraid to approach to the bowl and to have a meal, while Klo will not allow or will not distract or I shall not bring them to a bowl. She has two basic principles:1. All around collective - all around mine (including me); 2. That I can not eat - I shall take a bite. Proceeding from them she also operates. And not only at home. Yes, very clever girl. Somehow even it is strange, that at so early age the puppy can itself is so adequate and in an adult way conduct. She is the second dog from all my dogs from which to me it is comfortable everywhere. For me it's very valuable quality in a dog.Has passed a course of IPO-1.

Our sixth boxer, red bitch is Tarantella (Tata), was born in 2006, is daughter of Dilayla from second marriage, and is very similar to mother and externally and on character. And her character is more than serious though she is very obedient and even tender, but to another's is painfully strict and even in so early age shows unusual security qualities and quite serious intentions to the people who have broken our personal territory, without presence even an initial rate of training that makes an excellent platform for serious work with her in the future. I hope, that worthy replacement of mother will grow from her and selection not only by blood and to the exterrier, but also on magnificent predisposition to training her both parents will affect.

Our seven boxer, red bitch, Jantary (Jana), was born in 2008, and is daughter of Tarantella's sister Tifany.

Our eighth boxer, red bitch, Venedika, was born in 2009, and is daughter of Kleopatra.

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